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Attapulgite Fuller's Earth

Purified attapulgite clay (Fuller's Earth)

A method for producing an Attapulgite clay (Fuller's Earth) that significantly removes other types of clays and minerals, resulting in improved performance. A unique dispersant is used that will fully disperse the individual Attapulgite particles in water such that the particles remain in suspension, and allow the non-Attapulgite clay particles to be liberated, which then can be easily separated through various techniques. The Attapulgite clay may be recovered from the dispersion and dried in such a manner to produce a finely sized powder from ore, without the need for any grinding or milling operation. The dried Attapulgite clay has a free moisture content of 2-3%. The dried Attapulgite clay with adsorbed dispersant is redispersed in water and retains thixotropic properties.

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