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Rust preventive coating composition

Entirely asphaltic, micro-crystalline wax- and aluminum-based coating compositions, which are fully flexible and accommodate any expansion or contraction in steel structures, are prepared from various combinations of components, e.g. those selected from microcrystalline wax, naphthenic and paraffinic oils, oil-soluble alkali-metal sulfonate, gilsonite, linseed oil, naphthenic acid, solvent, a viscosity modifier, aluminum paste, attapulgite, emulsifier, milled cellulose fiber, ground mica, and silica gel, according to a described stepwise mixing procedure.

Animal litter of clay and western red cedar

An absorbent material useful as an animal litter contains generally a wood product and clay particles. Specifically, the wood product in the preferred embodiment is wood particles from Western Red Cedar trees, which are nontoxic and nonaromatic. The clay particles are crystalline clay particles comprising calcium montmorillonite, sodium bentonite, attapulgite, and calcium bentonite. The material has the properties of being nontoxic, nonallergenic, nonaromatic, natural, and deodorant. The material further has the properties of enhancing clumping and coating solid material.

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