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Animal litter of clay and western red cedar

An absorbent material useful as an animal litter contains generally a wood product and clay particles. Specifically, the wood product in the preferred embodiment is wood particles from Western Red Cedar trees, which are nontoxic and nonaromatic. The clay particles are crystalline clay particles comprising calcium montmorillonite, sodium bentonite, attapulgite, and calcium bentonite. The material has the properties of being nontoxic, nonallergenic, nonaromatic, natural, and deodorant. The material further has the properties of enhancing clumping and coating solid material.

Compositions for use as diagnostic animal litter and methods for their preparation

Disclosed are compositions suitable for use as a litter for the accumulation of animal urine comprised of at least one uncalcined clay substrate, said substrate characterized by having a calcium oxide content of less than about 5% by weight and wherein the clay mineral component of said substrate contains at least about 35% by weight attapulgite, combined with at least one chemical pH indicator which provides a visual indication of pH change. Also disclosed are processes for making such compositions and to litters using such compositions.

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