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Anti-Salt Drilling Mud

Salt water drilling mud and method

A salt water drilling mud comprising a mixture salt water, a solid phase such as pre-hydrated bentonite, attapulgite, sepiolite, and extended bentonite, among others and optionally a synthetic oil, which is mixed with at least one of five different modules. A first module contains caustic, a natural wax and a natural thinner. A second module contains components of the first module and an alkali metal aluminate prepared by reacting the first module with aluminum metal. A third module contains the components of the first module and an alkali metal phosphate and/or alkali metal silicate. A fourth module contains the components of the first module, a saturated or unsaturated carboxylic acid source, a surfactant, and a preservative. The fifth module contains a combination of the first, third and fourth modules.

Barium compound-containing thickening agent and drilling fluids made therefrom

A drilling fluid comprises uncalcined colloidal attapulgite clay and up to about 10% by weight (of the weight of attapulgite clay) of a barium compound additive such as BaO or Ba(OH).sub.2. The admixture of clay and barium compound may be slurried in either fresh or salt water to provide an aqueous drilling fluid of significantly higher yield than that attainable with prior art drilling fluids.
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