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Attapulgite Clay High Gelling

Attapulgite has a special laminated chain structure in which there is a crystalline
lattice displacement existed in the shape of needles, fibers or fibrous clusters. Boasting of its unusual PalyGel and PalySorb quality, attapulgite is known as an environmental protection product, because it is natural, innoxious and tasteless.

Inner packing:
25 - 50kg bags

Attapulgite Clay Molecular Sieves

Detailed Product Description
Type SSIG:
Used in double-glazing glass field to increase heat preservation and clarity

Type SS3A:
1) Used in dehydration of many kinds of liquids (say ethanol)
2) Dehydration of air
3) Dehydration of refrigerants
4) Dehydration of natural gas or methane
5) Dehydration of cracked gas, ethylene, propylene or butadiene

Type SS4A:
1) Used in deep drying of air, natural gas, alkenes and refrigerants
2) Generation and purification of argon
3) Static dehydration of electronic element, pharmaceutical and unstable materials
4) Desiccant for paint, and fuel etc.

Type SS5A:
1) Used in adsorption in various humidity and vapor pressure conditions
2) Removal of water and carbon dioxide from air

Type SS13X:
1) Used in purification and removal of H2O,
CO2, H2S
2) Dehydration and desulfuration of natural gas, liquid petrol gas and liquid
3) Drying of common gases
4) Removal of H2O from air for air cryo-separation applications

1) Removal of water from molecular sieves which are being regenerated:
a) Under the pressure of 0.3 - 0.5kg/cm², the dry air keeping the
temperature 200 - 350 degrees
b) Passes through molecular sieve layer and has duration of 3 - 4 hours
c) After doing all of those, the temperature of the regenerated molecular
sieve keeps 150 - 180 degrees when finished and gradually falls
2) Removal of the organic matter from used molecular sieve:
a) Use vapor instead of organic matter, and then removal of water
b) The effect of regenerated molecular sieve is same as the new

The material for packing: iron barrel, paper bag, plastic bag or according to customer
The weight: 10 gallon, 22 gallon, 55 gallon or according to customers' requirements
Storage: circumstance temperature
The relative humidity is less than 90%
Avoid directly exposure of the products in air before using
Protect the products from water, acid and alkali before using

Attapulgite Clay Decolorizing

Performance: adsorb colored pigments (carotenoids xanthophylis, tocopherols, chlorophyll, oxidized fatty acids and fatty acid polymers) and adsorbs other colored impurities such as soaps and phospholipids which are colorless from edible and inedible oils

Application: used in both edible and inedible oils

Inner packing:
25 - 50kg/bag

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